[thelist] [Slightly OT]Issue tracking *and* project management

marcus m-lists at bristav.se
Thu Dec 8 17:54:21 CST 2005

We're searching for a web based issue tracking system (focused on 
software development issues of course) combined with resource planning 
(as in person resources) and time reporting.

We have looked at Jira (atlassian.com/jira) which is a very good issue 
management tool but lacks in the other parts.

Good collaboration features (such as publishing over RSS feeds and Wiki 
with integration against the other parts, document management etc) is a 
big plus. A slick and polished look-n-feel that we also can present to 
our customers (where they can follow and report issues) is also a plus.

Anyone know of a good tool that meets the requirements, don't cost too 
much (we have a limit somewhere around 10000$ for 20 users) and is more 
or less working out-of-the-box (we can of course do some minor tweaks, 
we're software developers after all...). Also preferably not MS based 
(such as MS Project combined with Sharepoint which probably also would 
mean *a lot* of tweaking to get it to do what we want) since we're 
trying to get more and more *nix based.

Almost all development we do is Java and/or Ruby/Rails (apart from the 
usual web standards), the developers are free to use whatever OS they 
like and the designers continues to fancy their Macs.

I also firmly believe in DRY (don't repeat yourself) in everything we do 
(from development, documentation, testing etc to organisation) and 
that's why I search for a tool to help us accomplish this (which you 
probably don't if you have multiple tools for it).



ps. I've seen threads similar to this (those have unfortunately not led 
to anything meeting the requirements) before so I thought it wasn't to 
much off topic. Sorry if it is.

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