[thelist] hosting and email question

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Thu Dec 8 21:04:06 CST 2005

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> .....I have some clients who just forward their email to aol or
> gmail or whatever and they never actually log in to the host for
> their mail and the mail ends up accumulating on the
> server. ...eventually overloading the server.
> ...........
> However these clients don't log in with a pop3 so the mail does not
> get removed.
> What am I missing in setting this up?  How do I set it up so that
> mail does not accumulate on the server?
> thanks for your help,

Don't create a POP account for them, you just need the forwarder if they
aren't going to be picking it up. The mail server doesn't need a POP
mail account with the same name to do forwarding, just the forwarder.
(iow, delete the POP accounts).



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