[thelist] hosting and email question

April april at farstrider.org
Thu Dec 8 23:34:24 CST 2005

If they've already been using a client which is capable of sending 
through the mydomain.com account, are you sure it isn't capable of just 
setting that as the from: ?  I'm afraid I haven't used aol.com or 
gmail.com to pick up mail from other domains, but using pop I send all 
my email through the same place and just change the from: between one of 
a dozen addies.

Liz wrote:
> Oh wow!  I thought you had to create the account, before you could  
> forward.
> I suppose the one drawback is that it doesn't allow them to send out  
> the occasional  email from "joe at my_great_domain.com " they have to  
> send from their joe at aol.com  or joe at gmail.com or whatever.
> oh well ...thanks very much for the quick response!
> liz

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