[thelist] Canadian Web Developer Conferences

Mr. Kim Siever kim.siever at gmail.com
Fri Dec 9 18:19:39 CST 2005

On 09/12/05, Jay Gilmore <jay at smashingred.com> wrote:

> Kim, I guess we'll have to start a website development and design
> conference then. Westjet flies to Halifax and vice versa. Or we could
> meet in between. Any one else on the list interested in a little visit
> to the Great White North (only white at this time of year BTW)?

I live in Lethbridge. I doubt people would come to Lethbridge for a
conference, so Calgary would probably be more feasible for me. I think
wherever it is, it should be accessible by WestJet now that Air Canada
cut down service to some of its mid-market cities (like Regina for

I wonder if there are other that are interested. Not sure how well a
two person conference would go over. :)

Mr. Kim Siever

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