[thelist] batch watermark tools.

Juha Suni juha.suni at ilmiantajat.fi
Mon Dec 12 03:13:26 CST 2005

> Do you have any suggestions for a tool for adding watermark text to
> pictures as a batch. For example I select a folder and the tools adds
> watermarks to all the images in that folder.
> Do you have such a tool that you use and you are happy with it.
> I have several thousands of images and I do not want to put watermarks
> to them one by one.

The always so popular and freely available Irfanview image viewer Has some 
functionality for this.
Just go File -> Batch conversion and rename -> select files and directories 
for input / output, -> set advanced options -> Set options for image size 
and output if you wish, then from bottom right select "Add overlay text" and 
click "settings".

Its nothing too fancy but it is pretty much enough for watermarking. You can 
set fonts, text size, position and so on.

If you want more control you could use any decent commercial image editor. 
Most modern image editors have quite good macro / batch functionality. 
Someone already mentioned Photoshop. Macromedia Fireworks (being the yber 
software for web graphics (tm)) also has this feature.



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