[thelist] ASP file not working

Sarah Adams mrsanders at designshift.com
Wed Dec 14 09:32:47 CST 2005

> Yes - I saw that the error page indicated an error in line one, but couldn't
> find any missing braces - plus this really is *exactly* the same file as the
> other one, so if the brace was missing in one it should be in the other one
> too.  I looked at both files and couldn't find a brace missing in either.

Are the files exactly the same on your local machine, or on the server? 
Unless you are looking at the files directly on the server, you can't 
really say for sure that they are exactly the same. An FTP problem could 
have caused part of the new file not to get uploaded. Try uploading it 
again, or use an editor that will allow you to view the file directly 
from the server - only then will you be 100% certain that they are 
really exactly the same.

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