[thelist] Reminder/Task Software

Sarah Adams sarah at designshift.com
Wed Dec 14 11:29:13 CST 2005

> I agree with you. Mentioning Yahoo calendar is a fine suggestion. I was 
> responding to this text of yours:
>  > I'm not sure if you're willing to consider an online solution
> I was just pointing out that I'm obviously willing to consider an online 
> solution because of the fact that I myself answered rememberthemilk.com. :)

Ah, I see. I think my problem is that I didn't know who started the 
thread :)

<tip author="Sarah Adams" type="SQL Server: Enterprise Manager vs Query 
If you're like me, you often use SQL Server's Enterprise Manager to 
monkey around with the data in your MSSQL databases. I've always noticed 
that Enterprise Manager will "reword" queries I input directly, but 
never thought much of it.

I discovered recently that this "rewording" will sometimes change the 
query enough so that the query that is run returns very different 
results from the query I entered. So watch out for this and, when in 
doubt, use the Query Analyzer.

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