[thelist] CSS in HTML E-mail?

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Thu Dec 15 13:43:16 CST 2005

Brian Cummiskey wrote:
> > You can have this problem instead:
> > http://members.ij.net/mrmazda/images/cssemail.gif
> what mail client is that?

A (formerly) very popular one designed before Cascading Style Sheets,
level 1 W3C Recommendation 17 Dec 1996, the one I've been using for all
list mail and most email since my first day on the web. Newer stuff all
leaves out things this has that I depend on, so switching just to get
support for something I don't even want interests me not. Newer does
have an advantage in being able to ignore HTML and CSS bloat in the
viewport (but not for archival storage), but not enough advantage in
other areas to cause a switch. Newer (aka upgrade) !== automatically

IOW, email existed before HTML and CSS. Those for whom it worked before
M$'s email corruption genesis shouldn't be required to "upgrade" to
something worse than what they have just to get support for something
they don't want.

People who have messages they think belong in HTML/CSS email really have
messages that should be little more than links to web pages that
recipients can view/download if and when they choose by opening an email

All email I get with attachments or CSS or HTML is trapped into the
trash by my filtering. I just choose to fish some of it out now and
then, usually out of necessity because it's from some important source
that can't be bothered to honor my plea not to send it that way in the
first place.
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