[thelist] I need a new registrar!

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Mon Dec 26 16:56:23 CST 2005

David Kaufman wrote:
>>Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:
>>> It's time for me to get a new registrar. 

> +1 for GoDaddy.  I've been moving my domains to them for a while now, as 
> they renew, and am very happy with them.
> I'm still a bit put off by all their pressure sales

-1 for GoDaddy. I recently moved my domains (about 20) away from them 
because I just got sick of being barraged with ads every time I need to 
do something with GoDaddy.  Up/Cross-selling is OK, but GoDaddy just 
goes overboard with it.  Often you have to scroll down literally hunting 
for that "No, Thanks" link.  My time and eyesight is worth more than the 
$1-2 per domain I was saving with GoDaddy.

I currently use ServintDomains.com (the domains arm of my VPS host ISP, 
ServInt), which charges $10/year for domains under the common TLDs. 
They're just a branded version of Register.com, so you get 
Register.com's support at a reasonable price.  The main thing I like 
about them is that they treat the domain management site as a simple 
toolset, not as a huge marketing funnel.  I've only been using them for 
about 4 months, not long enough for a real recommendation.  But I can 
say, move from GoDaddy to a less ad-crazy registrar, and you'll likely 
find yourself happier in the end.

Max Schwanekamp

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