[thelist] I need a new registrar!

Shane Miller smiller at callcenters24x7.com
Mon Dec 26 22:09:10 CST 2005

In my last post I didn't really take the time to explain why I recommend
Tucows / OpenSRS other than years of satisfaction (I've been using them
since 2000).

1.  They're conscientious.

2.  They have a great API (although it's not necessary to use their API;
they do have a reseller web interface for those who prefer not to use
the API).

3.  They are active, and proactive, within the professional Internet
community so I feel a sense of affinity with the company.

If you only want to register a few domains, it would be better to choose
another registrar.  Tucows is geared up for resellers.  It is possible
to save a dollar or two per domain with other registrars, but what's it
worth?  I anticipate staying with Tucows / OpenSRS indefinitely.


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> -1 for GoDaddy. I recently moved my domains (about 20) away from them 
> because I just got sick of being barraged with ads every time I need
> do something with GoDaddy.  Up/Cross-selling is OK, but GoDaddy just 
> goes overboard with it.  Often you have to scroll down literally
> for that "No, Thanks" link.  My time and eyesight is worth more than
> $1-2 per domain I was saving with GoDaddy.

-1 for GoDaddy too. Same reasons. The overall UX sucks there. Moved all 
domains away, currently to DomainSite.com.

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