[thelist] ASP logic problem - deleting record

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Thu Dec 29 09:53:53 CST 2005

Hello everyone, happy holidays!

I'm using ASP/VBScript with an Access DB backend.

I have a calendar of events and I'm working on finishing out the admin
functionality of adding/editing/deleting event dates, etc.

My database contains separate tables for the events and the date(s)
associated with them. Since this is a city website, events are things like
City Council meetings which have 26 date records associated with each event

I want to allow the user to delete the date record individually. However, if
it is the only date associated with that event, then it becomes a matter of
deleting the entire event record, which may not be what they intended to do.

For instance, I can envision a scenario where there is a meeting with only
one date associated with it. The meeting is cancelled and rescheduled for a
different date. I can see the user going in and deciding they need to delete
the original date and then add a new date rather than simply edit the
existing date.

So, logically, how do I approach this problem? Do I disable the delete date
function when there is only a single date available? Or do I check for the
number of dates and if there is only one, pass the user to the delete event
function and warn them?

Or is there some other approach to this problem?

Any thoughts appreciated. Also, are there any good books that deal with
logic/usability issues like this?


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