[thelist] web app in my portflio

Scott DeMers demerss1 at msu.edu
Thu Dec 29 17:22:24 CST 2005

Hey, Folks:

I have a web application I've just completed, and I want to present  
it as part of my online portfolio, most of which hi-lights my work as  
a front end developer. My question is this: How do I go about showing  
off all of the hard-work I've done on the back-end? Do I simply  
describe the structure of the program, or should I present the ERD,  
code samples, screen-shots, etc? Is there such a thing as a "code  
portfolio" ? Does anyone have examples of their own work to share?  

Scott DeMers
Web Coordinator
International Studies and Programs
demerss1 at msu.edu

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