[thelist] Upgrading WordPress from 1.5 to 2.0

Roberto Gorjão roberto at castelosnoar.com
Fri Dec 30 09:08:41 CST 2005

I've done the upgrade of a blog heavily personalized without any 
problem. Just follow to the letter the instructions in this page: 

The file upload is now an enabled by default function of the "write 
post" tab on the admin panel. There's no box to check regarding this 

The new features of the 2.0 version really worth the upgrading and my 
clients will appreciate the wysiwyg editing capabilities, I'm sure.


Roberto Gorjão


Daniel Romanchik wrote:

>A couple of days ago, I set up a WordPress blog, and unwittingly  
>download version 2.0. The install went smoothly, but when I went to  
>enable file uploads, I couldn't find the box to check. Apparently,  
>they haven't added this functionality yet to 2.0. Since that's an  
>important feature for this client, I un-installed 2.0 and installed  
>1.5.2 instead.
>Dan Romanchik
>Freelance Writer and Website Developer
>734-930-6564, dan at danromanchik.com
>On Dec 29, 2005, at 6:56 AM, Paul Waring wrote:
>>Has anyone tried upgrading WordPress from 1.5 to 2.0 yet? If so did
>>you run into any major problems when performing the upgrade? I've got
>>several blogs that I should probably update to the latest version but
>>only if there aren't any known issues as I don't really want to be
>>stuck with either broken blogs or some on 2.0 and some still running
>>on 1.5.2.
>>Data Circle

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