[thelist] Site check please

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Fri Dec 30 16:43:39 CST 2005

Saint Val Sur Somme
30th Dec 05 (2 days to go!!)

Yo Volkan,

>I got your 4 cents :)
ahh, well alrighty! /rubs_hands

>I'm still working on the site.
o ok, fair enough. Have you sorted the aspect ratio problem on the 
gallery? (cant check today as im on a 5 min a day ratio on bloody 

 btw - is it possible for you to check the users bandwidth before making 
them wait? if so, default to simple img tags. Im not sure that the 
little revolving thingy, though neat, is enough, though - id need a 
proper taskbar like in flash movies. I like the  use of new tech though.

 and the xml / css / wai - i think thats appropriate for zengarden but 
not really for people buying stuff, unless you tuck it away on another 
page. Whos the client here Mr Carpet-dealer,  or .... you? impressing 
your peers huh?

My 6 cents.   hey thats ... .wait, err thats .. .. 10 cents you owe me!





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  xml, web-services,
  hosting, usablility, 
  quality assurance 

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