[thelist] sending mail to /dev/null

Alex Beston alex at deltatraffic.co.uk
Wed Jan 4 08:20:06 CST 2006

jason.handby wrote:

>>Anyway, if any thoughts on the above, do let me know.
>Cloudmark Desktop is good:
>  http://www.cloudmark.com/desktop/?from=bus-box
>It's not server-based (they do have a server-based product but it's more
has to be server based so that if i cant get to the account in time, at 
least some mail is getting through. but thanks for the tip. used it a 
while back, but thunderbird is alirght for now.

> And it's definitely not as much fun to tinker with as Exim.
waiting for host to do the exim. ive been asked not to set it up.

>But your time is valuable! Use something quick and easy to deal with
>your spam, and then move on to solving problems that will actually make
>you money! :-)
 true true all true. nevertheless i have my own motivations to do this 
and im aware that spending time on it when


will do what i want. i think its an excuse to get writing some proper server software. I should have mentioned that even 30% spam reduction would be result for me.


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