[thelist] sorting recordset problems

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Wed Jan 4 14:30:38 CST 2006


> I'm sure this isn't too likely, but any chance you can have 
> them change the file names?

I think I'll be going this route. Better now while there are only about
1500, then in a year when there are 3000.

> If you can make assumptions about the filenames always being 
> the same length (same number of month and day characters, 
> etc), you could always parse them and take the pieces you want...

I thought of this too, and could grab the month using InStr (which I use for
doing another search by month only), but the files don't use a leading zero
for single days, and thus a file of ctyMar82005.pdf will appear before a
file of ctyMar132005.pdf. And I don't see a way around that except by
comparing the total length of the str and other contortions. Just doesn't
seem worth it, the more I think about it.

Unfortunately, changing the file names will mean rewriting other code as
well, but better now than later I suppose.

And the day started out so promising!


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