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Casey aspnet at thecrookstons.com
Wed Jan 4 18:05:11 CST 2006

Along the same lines, is it possible to select different sets from different
tables in the same query? For example:

SELECT (* FROM table1), (DISTINCT userID FROM table2) where table1.userID =
table2.userID and table2.userID = " & userID

If this is possible, what would be the correct syntax?

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From: "Casey"

> In Classic ASP using MS SQL...
> In English, here's what we need:  A banquet employee of a hotel can look 
> at
> his work schedule online. Table "events_banquets" contains only the 
> banquet
> events, one row per.  Table "events_banquets_staff" contains one row per
> employee per position.  (A third table contains positions: setup, server,
> cleanup, bar tender, event manager, host, etc.)  One employee could work
> multiple positions per event, thus it's possible that in
> "events_banquets_staff" there may be multiple lines for one employee per
> event.
> But, when an employee wants to view the events he is scheduled to work, we
> only need to list each of his events once, even if is slated to work
> multiple positions at that event.  Make sense so far?
> This query, which I thought would work, returns multiple records when an
> employee works multiple positions at the same event.
> sql= "SELECT DISTINCT * FROM events_banquets, events_banquets_staff WHERE
> events_banquets.event_id = events_banquets_staff.event_id AND
> events_banquets_staff.userID = '" & userID & "' "
> What do I need to do so that only one row per event is listed?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Casey 

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