[thelist] A good DHTML cascading menu, without tables

Mattias Thorslund mattias at thorslund.us
Thu Jan 5 19:34:57 CST 2006

I've had great results with this:

creative at epicunion.com wrote:

>I'm sure many of you have tried this: you got sick of using someone else's
>hacky drop-down code so you tired your own. You made it out of DIVs or
>ULs, and used the power of CSS while using minimal Javascript. But once
>you start dealing with the cascading menus (menu, submenu, su-submenu) the
>confusion starts and your code starts to get sloppy, and you get cornered
>by your own code.
>Well, that's where I'm at anyways. I am looking for some solid menu
>systems that are new, standards compliant, and forward thinking (no
>tables, uhg).
>If you have any URLs or have created a clean menu I would love to check it
>out. I have just run out of ideas right now.
>As always, thanks!

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