[thelist] Hey, Flash experts...some questions

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 6 14:10:24 CST 2006

Hey all,

Not sure how many Flash folks are out there in thelist-land but I have a few questions. We just upgraded to Flash 8 pro, and I have not really done anything in Flash since V4 (yikes!) I've run through the first few tutorials and so far so good. Since we have total control over the kiosk environment (IE6 on windows) with it locked down, I can do whatever I want. Anyway..

I'm building a kiosk application. There are some interactive things that I thought might be easier to accomplish with flash than HTML (the kiosk app will be a asp.Net application running on NetKey). In particular:

1) In a couple cases, a user can make a choice between 2-4 items via touching a button/checkbox. What I want to do is have the items that do NOT get selected scale down (buttons are fairly large) when the selection is made. This is a visual cue for the user that he selected the "big" one - yet the others do not completely disappear since they are still visible and selectable. (Kind of like the new mac dock thingie). I'm not sure this is the best solution, but I want to test it.

2) I need some big checkboxes, so I'd prefer to custom make these in Flash. I can use CSS to make honkin big checkboxes, but they end up looking funky, and I can't style them. 

3) I may want to do some other interactive things with form fields - zip entry, etc.

So I'm wondering - how easy is it to do a form partially in HTML and partially in Flash? Is that a problem? I assume the checkbox thing is fairly easy, along probably with scaling the buttons. 

Any good flash tutorials out there along these lines, buttons and such?



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