[thelist] Client requests - Help!

Eike Pierstorff eikes.lists at dynamique.de
Sat Jan 7 12:09:39 CST 2006

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC) schrieb:
> I truly don't understand when they say that there will be a feature to 
> bypass registration for a "personalized experience" and that it is 
> necessary for the search engines to enter the site....would this be more 
> like a side feature? I mean.....you can personalize the site if you want 
> but the site is open to all visitors, registered or not?

It is possible to have a default look for unregistered visitors and a 
personalized look for those who bother. In my opinion it's much better 
to let people enter the site unhindered an let them enter personal 
information on subsequent pages. If you try to enforce registration you 
will find out that a suspiciously high number of people goes by the name 
of "Foo Bar" and have their mail hosted with "example.com".

Pages that can be accessed by registered users only will not be spidered 
by search engines. Plus search engines follow links, and if there are no 
links on the front page but only a login form this might hurt search 
engine ranks.

> Second:
> Second there's the issue of loading government 
> copyrighted material in a frame....

When my clients ask for something stupid or propably illegal I'll have 
them sign a waiver that says that the legal repercussions of the matter 
are their problem, not mine (actually that's the second step, first I 
try to educate them).

Tell them to check if it's legal and have them sign it if they say it's 
legal and you should be safe.

third, this site needs a whole CMS
> solution and I am not sure how a CMS will work well with a frameset....
> Can anybody comment on these two issues?

Most CM-Systems have some sort of "wrapper"-Mechanism which lets you 
assign a URL to an iframe.

-- eike

> FayeC

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