[thelist] Need some perls of wisdom on dbmopen

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Sat Jan 7 13:33:07 CST 2006

I have a 6 year old perl program that has suddenly quit working.  My 
host is investigating what changed, but I suspect a system upgrade has 
made some of my code obsolete.  I am using dbmopen to open a database, 
but the command is getting an error.  The impacted codelooks like this:

$agentFile = $base.$dir."db.agent";
dbmopen(%agentBase, $agentFile, 0666) || &error_handling($!, "dbmopen on 
$agentFile", "Agent");

and the error handling routine looks like this:

($errorCode, $function, $program) = @_;
    $message = "Program: $program generated Error Code: $errorCode - on 
$Day[$day], $month/$date/$year, at $hour:$minute:$second while 
attempting $function.";

which generates:

Program: Agent generated Error Code: Invalid argument - on Saturday, 
1/7/06, at 11:39:53 while attempting dbmopen on 

The file is not named "db.agent".  It is called "db.agent.db", because 
previously the dbmopen command automatically appended the ".db".  I 
thought I could fix this with a simple name change.  However, when I do 
that, the error goes away, but there is no data displayed.  A simple 
review of the contents of the datafile show the data.

Any ideas or leads on where to go to ask?



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