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As with all matters of these types of "forms" and any other legal documents, you would be best served to contact your attorney to ensure that every issue you would like to be covered is addressed.

Beyond that--and even after making the above statement it sounds kind of ridiculous--there is a "Dummies" book of business forms that are very, very helpful in these types of cases and I would recommend looking that up.  Especially since you just don't know what you're really looking at on the internet and at least the Dummies brand is a bit qualified.



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> >>To be clear, I am looking for a form that says that the code 
> >>that our new contractor, Johnny-boy, writes will be owned by 
> >>US and not by him.
> > 
> >>From what you say, you will require a Work For Hire agreement to satisfy
> > the conditions in your second paragraph.
> Hmmm, looks that way. I wasn't aware of this agreement. I also see now 
> that I may want to have him sign a non-compete also.
> So do I need all these forms? Or is there a general form?
> Thanks,
> Hershel
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