[thelist] CSS only nice-submit

Matthias Willerich matthias at die-legendaeren.de
Tue Jan 10 14:11:41 CST 2006

I have a CSS question: Is it possible to make the caption on a submit button
invisible in Opera, without the help of manipulating the value with JS? I
want to nice-up a form, and effectively replace the submit button with a
graphic. Graphic in the background, and off you go... if there wasn't the
caption. Tried this before and failed, here's how far I got:

Opacity fails (now that's not new),
Text-indent fails,
Line-height fails,
A wild stab at height: 0 or 1px and lots of padding failed, as did (again,
no idea if it works anywhere) color: transparent.

I'm not picky about the version, 8, 8.5, 9... just ONE idea for a solution
would be great, as some kind of a proof of concept.


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