[thelist] Receiving mail to one address but sending from another

Ben Prew ben.prew at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 20:35:58 CST 2006


I maintain an email address (@cpan.org) that currently forwards to my
"active" account (in this case gmail).  The idea behind this is that
if I ever have to change email addresses, all I have to do is change
the forwarding on my @cpan adress, and my friends, relatives, mailing
lists, etc will pick it up automatically.

The problem comes in when I subscribe to a list like thelist, because
I use my @cpan address to receive mail, but I send from my gmail
account.  And, since thelist does not allow posts from non-members,
all my posts go into the "to-be-reivewed" queue.

For the time being, I have subscribed my gmail account to thelist, and
"disabled" getting any messages in the mailman mailing lists settings.

But, I was wondering if other people had come across this before and
had any possible solutions to the problem?



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