[thelist] ASP.net and IE 5.5 - issues

Subs@firstlineinteractive subs at firstlineinteractive.co.uk
Wed Jan 11 13:03:02 CST 2006

Sadly I can't give the link, there's masses of code!  But the key is the
page checks for a cart id in the cookie, if there's none there it
basically assumes no shopping --- so I'm guessing IE 5.5 isn't doing the
cookie bit. If Visual Studio would let me debug using 5.5 it would help
but it insists on firing up IE 6.0 instead.  I'm sure it's the fact that
IE 5.5 isn't actually setting the cookie, now whether that's because I'm
running multiple IE's now and there's a problem there, and the changes
I've made to the browser would only work on a single install I don't
know, but I kinda hoped some new about some bug like that with IE 5.5  

> Sue
> > Coming out of lurkdom to ask if anyone able to cast some 
> light on why 
> > adding a product to a shopping cart results in no items in shopping 
> > cart in IE 5.5 - works fine and dandy in other browsers, javascript 
> > and cookies are on and I can't fathom out what on earth its doing?
> Some code or a link will be required, otherwise one guess is 
> as good as another :)
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