[thelist] Someone wants to advertise on my site (slightly OT)

Paul Clerkin - HR Adworks pclerkin at hradworks.ca
Thu Jan 12 08:35:09 CST 2006

Careful with this, I've seen email going through very recently asking for
advertising space on web sites that aren't well known at all. A red flag
went up when one came through asking to advertise on a single page of a Word
Press blog I keep; the URI is formatted with no extension
like: /blogx/2005/01/14/a-day-in-the-park - which is just one page of over

IOW, something is up out there and there's some sniffing for some holes
going on using this method of gaining access to your domain name or

Its to do with seo and attempts to better their position in searchengines
rather than driving customers / visitors to their website. It's a highly
dubious tactic

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