[thelist] PHP Modules and Licensing

Kasimir K evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Thu Jan 12 09:04:09 CST 2006

Hershel Robinson scribeva in 2006-01-12 13:07:
> but now that I read the license it appears that the GNU Lesser GPL 
> license does not allow this package to be distributed as part of a 
> commercial product. ...  Looks like I will need to rethink this
> choice, however, as the software I am building is intended to be 
> commercial, i.e. for sale.

Two approaches come into mind.

If the GPL program is not a *part* of your program, but your program 
*uses* the GPL program, then there are no problems. What is a part and 
what can be seen as use is a different question though...

Or you could relase your program under GPL too. Obviously you couldn't 
charge for the software itself, but you can always charge for the work 
of making it. This would work well for highly client specific software, 
i.e. one-off products. For systems intended for mass distribution this 
is such a good approach I'd guess :-)

> Any ideas on the above ramblings are welcome.

And it would be interesting to read some ramblings on my ideas above.


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