[thelist] JavaScript: Print Then Close

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 12:22:59 CST 2006

> It's easy to send a window to the printer with Javascript, and it's just as
> wasy to close a window when a user clicks a "close window" link, but what I
> need is this: from a parent page, a user clicks on a link which opens a new
> window, prints it, and then closes it without any user ineraction other then
> clicking on the one link in the parent window.
> function printpage() {
>  window.print();
>  this.window.close()
> }

"this" works inside the function. The function does not have a window,
that is why it doesn't work. Get rid of the "this" and just do a
window.close() and you'll be successful in confusing your visitors
with a window popping up quickly, starting a print dialog and closing
(or causing a "this script tries to close a window, do you want to
allow this" warning, depending on the security settings).

Chris Heilmann
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