[thelist] CSS Confusion

ben morrison morrison.ben at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 10:57:07 CST 2006

> but if you click on one of the links like this one:
> http://hilliercarterproperties.com.au/temp/portfoliomgt.shtml
> the footer doesnt stay ont he bottom.  I think it is still floated left or
> something.  Can someone please take the time to have a look and point me in
> the right direction.

On that page you have a UL with floated LI elements which is above the
footer in the source code.

Your footer doesn't know that there are floated elements above it
hence it sits beside them.

You will need to clear the floated elements.

#footer {clear:left;}

This can sometimes cause problems if there is no flaoted elements before it.

when you write in your UL you could add a <br style="clear:left"> after it.

hope that helps

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