[thelist] Encrypting fields in MS Access table

Ken Schaefer ken.schaefer at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 19:37:37 CST 2006

On 1/13/06, Ed McCarroll <Ed at comsimplicity.com> wrote:
> Ken,
> > The problem with encryption is secure key storage (presumably you
> > wish to decrypt this stuff, otherwise you'd just using a hashing
> > algorithm). If your client is using a shared hosting service, how
> > is he/she going to keep the decryption key secure?
> This is not a web app.  It's an Access client/server app on a LAN.
> The key(s) would be hard-coded into the front-end .MDB, but users
> would only have access to an .MDE, which means the code would not
> be viewable.

I see - maybe it's worth asking this question on a VB or Access list?
I'm a little sceptical of anything where the keys are stored where
users can get to them.


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