[thelist] Web analytics server software - help!

Sales @ Lycosa sales at lycosa.co.uk
Wed Jan 18 08:57:02 CST 2006


I use WebCEO which is very good, but my client base is increasing, and
the cost of reporting along with it. I am looking for server based
analytics software to run on Linux/Apache, to free me from the
constraints of 3rd party pricing.

What do other people use or recommend? What should I avoid?

I have looked at Google analytics, which uses Urchin, and Clicktracks,
which (whilst expensive) seems excellent at face value. There seem to be
hundreds of different solutions, all with different specifications and
prices. I don't mind spending to achieve high quality, usable results
that can generate profit readily.

Any help would be appreciated.

Phil Parker
phil.parker at lycosa.co.uk

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