[thelist] Alternative to myhosting.com because of IIS Service Unavailable error?

Houston houston at tanerinkiler.com
Wed Jan 18 13:19:01 CST 2006

Hi all,

I'm having hosting service from myhosting.com for my turkish price
comparison portal akakce.com. It is written using classic ASP and runs on MS
SQL Server. 

As the traffic of the site increased, we started to have lots of IIS
"Service Unavailable" errors. And it has no logical explanation, at least
for now. Because sometimes it throws this error when 10 people are online at
the site, but works normally when over 50 people are visiting the site

I requested help from myhosting.com support many times but they always
answered me in a "machine way". Always the same copy-paste answers, no real
help. They have restarted the application pool, and site went up, but after
for a while, the same thing happens.

I checked all the code several times for any open connections, but there are
no one. There are no arrays, or objects which are not freed after the page
execution. And as i mentioned above, sometimes it occurs when only 10
visitors are online.

Thanks for reading and your patience. I have two questions. 

1. A hosting alternative? I'm thinking of leaving myhosting.com and finding
a new one. My site site has about 25.000 daily pageviews and 40GB monthly

2. Any ideas on code side of the site. Any possible optimizations?

Thanks again, and have good days.

Taner Sahin

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