[thelist] Turn off display panning

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Fri Jan 20 03:09:07 CST 2006

Is the monitor you have a TFT?  I presume it's not a 19" monitor?

If so then you're most likely running it over its native resolution... drop
it to 1024x768... Display panning is a standard feature for TFTs exceeding
their max res (like on laptops) where CRTs just die

Maybe :)


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I just bought a new monitor, and when we'd finished downloading and
installing all kinds of drivers and stuff, my computer suddenly seems
stuck in a mode that I think is called "display panning". The
resolution is 1280x1024, but I only see a 1024x768 region of this.

How do I turn off this extremely annoying feature? I looked everywhere
in the Desktop/Screen menu, but it doesn't even mention this


ppk, freelance web developer

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