[thelist] Dot Net / Browser Rendering Capacity Question

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 20 08:22:56 CST 2006

Hi Folks,

A bit of background: 
We have quite a few reports where we pull info from a database 
and present the data in tabular form.  In the past we used to 
build our 'summary level' reports in ASP and our 'detail level' 
reports in Brio because Brio used a browser plug-in that enabled 
users to see "really big datasets".

When we tried to do 'detail level' reporting in ASP it would 
blow up on us.  ;-(

[I suspect it was a browser capacity issue where the IE 
rendering engine would get overwhelmed trying to render a 
table containing 40 or 50 columns and 250,000 or more rows and 
just die on us.  I don't think it was an actual limitation of 
ASP per se.] 

Am I likely to run into the same problems trying to build 'detail 
level' reports in dot net? ... or is there some 'simple magic' 
in dot net that I can invoke without too much trouble to get 
this kind of thing [big table displays] to work.

Not looking so much for the details behind the magic at this 
point ... just looking to see if anyone has done this kind 
of thing in dot net or if this is likely to be a dead end.



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