[thelist] dot net - copy project question

VOLKAN ÖZÇELİK volkan.ozcelik at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 01:43:19 CST 2006

> But if I am only copying files needed to run then I doesn't it just publish
> (copy) the .dlls?

No. As its name implies, it copies anything needed, including aspx,
ascx pages and script resources (js). It joes does not copy c# (or j#
or vb.net whatever) source files, and some other stuff that are alread
build into a dll.

>I need the copy to be a complete working copy...that is,

That's what I always do. Copy files necessary.
Actually after a building my solution for release;
I exclude all js, css, c# and image files from the project, leaving
only aspx and ascx files.
Then I copy only files necessary and FTP altered resources (css, js,
image whatever) manually.
Cuz, an FTP upload is faster than Visual Studio's copy project process.

> I need an editable project file that, when built, is published in a different
> directory.

You can always edit your project on your localhost. If you want the
project to be editable on where it is hosted, then you need to copy
"everything" though. Including project specific files such as your
assembly info file, your project.sln file etc.
That's something I do not prefer though.

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