[thelist] windows xp pro caching websites?

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Sun Jan 22 19:37:51 CST 2006

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Subject: [thelist] windows xp pro caching websites?

> There is no caching on the server and (I repeat)
> browser caches have been emptied. I also see the 
> old page when viewing from a browser that's never 
> been used to view that website before.

I don't see any evidence that the server isn't caching the page, or that some
intermediate cache isn't serving the page. Sure, your Linux box is seeing the
new page, but just for argument's sake, are the internet settings (e.g. proxy
cache settings) identical on both boxes? From where I sit, I don't know. So I
would be premature in rejecting that as a possibility.

> So, it seems likely to me that some sort of caching is 
> going on in Windows XP pro and I have no idea where. I 
> haven't found any discussions of this in Google. 

Well, each browser implements its own cache, which is probably why you
haven't seen any discussion on google. Each browser generally calls into
WinInet (which is at the upper level of the TCP/IP stack). Caching of HTTP
responses does not occur within the TCP/IP stack. So, unless you have some
third party web acceleration software that's doing its own caching, I don't
think it's Windows XP.

> Has anyone else noticed this? Any ideas? I'm out of creative
> explanations. 

Get a network packet capture using Netmon or Ethereal. Then we can see what's
actually leaving and being received by the machine. That would help eliminate
some possibilities.


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