[thelist] Outsourcing

RUST Randal RRust at COVANSYS.com
Mon Jan 30 10:38:15 CST 2006

Hershel Robinson wrote:

> He is looking to hire me (or someone like me) to be a 
> technical manager to oversee the outsourced programmers and 
> to understand the code and to be able to arrange a transfer 
> to a different outsource firm in the middle should things go 
> sour and also to be able to work within the code after the 
> build is done, for further changes etc.

I did this for an ecommerce project about 2 years ago. It got to the
point that both myself and the client were so upset with the development
team that the client fired them and they hired me to do the job.

I would hire be more likely to work with people on this list, WDL and
CSSD from other countries, rather than to contract with people I've
never heard of.

Randal Rust
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