[thelist] Outsourcing

Canfield, Joel JCanfield at PacAdvantage.org
Mon Jan 30 12:02:33 CST 2006

> - Be _very_ specific . . . 
> - Don't expect the extra step of thinking . . . 
> - Output is more important than quality . . . 
> - Give strict timelines and stick to them . . . 
> - Write guidelines and best practice documents . . . 

ooh; d'ya suppose these would work when working with an inhouse
developer, too? ;)

as our sole intranet developer/designer/implementer, I have to remember
to do all these things for myself when I'm creating a tool for end
users, because they *won't* think of them. and when I work with another
developer, I always try to do the same for them.

works with my bandmates, too, come to think of it. hell, I even used it
on my kids, and they turned out alright :)


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