[thelist] Email Software

Asif Suria asifsuria at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 30 17:18:31 CST 2006

I send out an email newsletter once a month to
subscribers and have been looking into options to
automate this process with little success. If you have
any experience with a similar situation, your input
would be greatly appreciated. Please bear with my
lengthy explanation below. 

My first thoughts were to use a ASP.NET script to send
out the emails but my hosting company has a
restriction that does not allow me to send more than
100 emails a day using a script.

My second option was to sign up for GoDaddy's "Email
Maketing Service". The problem I ran into with this
service was that they required every subscriber to
reconfirm their subscription. Since my list of
subscribers is a double opt-in list, this was a
hassle. After writing to customer service and learning
that there was no alternative, I went ahead and sent
out this confirmation message through their service.
Unfortunately more than half my subscriber base did
not even get this confirmation email and I had to
abandon this service.

Recently I decided to try Microsoft's "List Builder
Service" which would allow me to send 1,000 emails a
month for $20/month. I could upload subscribers
without asking them to reconfirm their subscription.
Initial tests of the service went well with messages
getting delivered to Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail. However
emails did not get delivered to certain other domains
and a large part of my subscriber base comes from one
of these domains.

Has anyone on this list used similar software with
good results? Any other thoughts (other than running
my own mail server)?


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