[thelist] Windows Media Player

kasimir-k evolt at kasimir-k.fi
Tue Jan 31 06:53:31 CST 2006

Hershel Robinson scribeva in 31/01/2006 11:49:
>> has 3 links to streaming audio. They used to work. They now appear NOT 
>> to work, at least in my Windows Media Player. I get:
>> 0x80040241: Windows Media Player does not support this file type
> Seems to be for reasons unknown to me that Windows Media Player Series 9 
> is unable to play these files.

Rather it seems that your installation of WMP is unable to play these - 
they work fine here. I don't know much about WMP, but one thing worth 
trying could be to link directly to the .wma files instead of the .wax 

> I did not code them, nor do I know anything about audio files.

The best would be to ask the person who originally encoded these to 
re-encode from the original sound files - just as with jpg-images, 
compressing an already compressed file produces sub-optimal quality.

> Would anyone be willing to recode these files into a format that Windows 
> Media Player Series 9 could also handle?

I made them to mp3s so not only WMP but also about every player software 
there is can play them:


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