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Ken Chase raskenbo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 21:08:14 CST 2006

I can't judge... and won't judge a culture that I simply will never
understand. Pretending to understand a culture other than your own is
denying that anyone can think differently than you do. Think about
it... would you like Google to disobey your government?

On 1/25/06, kasimir-k <evolt at kasimir-k.fi> wrote:
> <tip type="search engine use" author="kasimir k">
> As a certain search giant who had promised to do no evil has now taken
> the step to the dark side and started auto censorship, it is time to
> review our search habits. It's not only about not using evil-doer's
> services, but also about getting wider view on the web.
> Try alternatives, like http://www.teoma.com/ or http://www.yahoo.com/
> and meta crawlers like http://vivisimo.com/ or http://www.dogpile.com/
> And if you want more, then these pages will give some ideas:
> http://searchenginewatch.com/links/article.php/2156221
> http://searchenginewatch.com/links/article.php/2156241
> </tip>
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