[thelist] IE7 Beta 2 available to public

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Wed Feb 1 03:47:19 CST 2006

In case anyone has not heard about the public beta of IE7, I first heard 
of it on the CSS-Discuss list last night, where has already been some 
interesting discussion of CSS bugs as yet unfixed, and sites that are 
breaking (to no-one's surprise, one assumes).

This is a summary of what others have contributed:

1. If you are running Windows XP SP2, you can install IE7 Beta 2

2. This replaces IE6, but you can apparently run an IE6 standalone in 
the same fashion as earlier versions.

3. For those like me with only one XP machine who don't want to replace 
IE6 yet, there is an IE7 standalone from

Trouble is, this is Beta 1 and I am unsure how much stock to put in what 
it shows. This is true to a slightly lesser extent of B2, but either has 
still got to be interesting.

Haven't tried these myself, YMMV, etc.

4. Eric Meyer has proposed maintaining a central repository of IE7 
information at
though there is not much there yet.




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