[thelist] A CSS Makeover...

Jose Hurtado jlhurtado at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 10:48:11 CST 2006


Although I do not post much I do follow the list, and apprecciate the
knowledge everyone shares.

I have read a couple CSS books, and still find myself not comfortable,
specially with complex layouts, so, some months ago I did a website for a
Law firm and after presenting them with many CSS options, they went for the
heavily graphic, all glory-table design.

So... to make the story short we delivered, but is a nagging thing in my
head.  Could it possibly be done using a CSS - standard friendly design?

If so how?  I truly had no idea at the time, and still find it difficult.

So here is the site, please disregard the Flash part, since that must be
Flash, I would like to revise the site itself, and learn how to do it for a
coming project, I would love to re-do it using CSS, I just need help, some
strategy to do it, since I really could not solve it.

It might be child's play for the CSS gurus out there, but it was certainly
not doable for me at the time.

So here it, is, any advice tips, code, would be very much appreciated:


Jose L. Hurtado
Toronto, Canada

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