[thelist] IE "Insecure Items" Problem

Tony Grimes contact at tonygrimes.com
Wed Feb 1 10:39:51 CST 2006

Thanks Ian, that did it. I knew I was missing something.


On 2/1/06 9:03 AM, "Ian Anderson" <ian at zstudio.co.uk> wrote:

> Tony Grimes wrote:
>> IE is displaying a "this page has both secure and insecure items" warning on
>> this page and I can't figure out why:
> If you say "OK", then watch the status bar, it tells you the item it's
> downloading - I think this is the culprit, from your basic.css file:
> #secnav th, #secnav td {
> ...
> url(http://capla.scribenewmedia.com/i/sec-bg.gif) repeat-x left top;
> }
> The ssl certificate is specific to the hostname here, "www.".
> Files at www.scribenewwossname are OK, but capla.scribeetcetera is not
> covered by your certificate, hence the message.
> Cheers
> Ian

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