[thelist] Browsers to Support

Ian Anderson ian at zstudio.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 05:35:31 CST 2006

ben morrison wrote:

> Generally if you code for firefox you shouldn't have too much work on
> your hands for the mac browsers, safari and firefox display almost
> identically as does later versions of opera. Your main headache will
> be IE 5 for mac - which isn't as bad as you may think as long as you
> hide any IE PC hacks from ie5 mac - or reset them in a IE5mac
> specific stylesheet

What worries me is the different versions of Safari floating about.

It's great that Dave Hyatt has been so diligent in responding to reports 
of CSS bugs and that the developers have been addressing them in 
updates, but what it means (as far as I understand it) is that 
relatively minor differences in version number could mean grossly 
different behaviour in certain circumstances. I don't know of specific 
cases, but I think I am remembering correctly.

Does anyone have any experience with different versions of Safari? Like, 
  are there differences like I believe there are, and how does one test 
for the differences?

I'm on OS 10.3.something on a Mac I use for testing; can one run 
different versions simultaneously if that's required?

The nasty thing about OSX is that it prompts you to install system 
updates that change your Safari, potentially invalidating any testing 
you have done to that date.



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