[thelist] Reminder/Task Software

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Feb 2 06:11:51 CST 2006

> I recently switched from Outlook 2000 to Thunderbird for my mail client. 
> Overall, I am happy with Thunderbird. The one feature I am not happy 
> with is the reminders in the calendar--I need to open the calendar each 
> day and leave it open or the reminders don't fire. I furthermore don't 
> like the interface of the reminders and the snooze feature doesn't work 
> for me correctly.
> Can anyone suggest a different piece of software to handle reminders and 
> task lists etc? I run Windows 2000.


Firefox/Thunderbird extension. Works beautifully, has repeating 
reminders, the snooze button works (Thunderbird's Calendar's snooze 
button doesn't for me) and requires no extra windows to be open.


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