[thelist] Browsers to Support

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 08:27:31 CST 2006

> even though there is a whole set of browsers for which we don't code,
> i still believe strongly in keeping them around -- some fraction of a
> percent has them, and sometimes it's nice to know *how* something
> will break...

+1 on lynx, especially as the Opera text browser simulator is rubbish.
The question is what does "supporting" mean? If it means the content
is navigable and usable then you shouldn't block out anything and test
on each of the things. MSIE 5/Mac doesn't get any StyleSheet from me,
and I ensure that the content is properly structured and works without
JS and CSS, therefore it should not make it impossible to surf the
pages with MSIE5.

When I talk about support, then it means for the project and signed
off by the client and testing team. It means that it needs to work,
look good and not too different from other browsers.

It is annoying how anal clients are about "cross browser" as in "looks
exactly the same in all". A really usable and accessible page should
look as good as possible without being hard to use in older browsers
and fancy and really cool in newer, but to get this idea across is
hard work.

Chris Heilmann
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