[thelist] Intranet Freezing

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Feb 2 18:39:49 CST 2006

This is a mis-statement of what actually occurs.

Access supports up to 256 concurrent connections. However achieving that in
real life is, difficult :-)

However a well written application can certainly support tens of thousands
(if not more) requests per hour (I know, I've had to tweak such sites to
scale their performance whilst they transitioned to something else)

Web Applications built on IIS can (and should) utilize connection pooling.
This is lower level than ASP (you never see it in action), but basically
means the OLEDB layer maintains a pool of physical connections and hands them
to your ASP pages as required. This means you can support hundreds of clients
with only a handful of "real, physical" connections, because the OLEDB
Resource Pooling layer abstracts the actual connections from the pages.

However you have to follow proper coding practices otherwise you'll defeat
connection pooling, dramatically reducing scalability. Here are some
excellent links worth reading:

I haven't posted these links in 6 months, so I suppose it's that time again


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Access only allows so many connections at a time... 10?  When a web app 
requests information, that connection stays open for so long.  It's 
pretty easy to add up to the limit on open connections that way.  I'm 
not sure how avoidable the problem is with connections staying open. 
You might be able to change how the pages are coded to ease the problem 
a bit... but yeah, Access is not a good idea for something with actual 

j s wrote:
> Theres several things on this box - and the intranet is one of them. The
intranet is freezing up.  Is there anything in regular asp pages that would
cause the intranet to freeze up for all the pages?  All the databases are
Access - would too many people requesting stuff from an Access database at
one time make it freeze?  Like several people trying to pull up the phone
listing at once?
>   Any ideas are welcome
>   Jess

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