[thelist] Intranet Freezing

Robert Vreeland vreeland at studioframework.com
Thu Feb 2 19:38:51 CST 2006

Have you determine the process that is pegged out? (Windows Task Manager ->
Processes Tab -> order by cpu) Likely something is using close to 100% of
the cpu cycles, if it is w3wp.exe it's a web page(s). You can then kill the
process, restart IIS and click through the site while keeping a eye on the
task manager. Though, I'm sure someone else will have a better debugging
method / app then I'm suggesting.

Hope it helps
Robert Vreeland

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Theres several things on this box - and the intranet is one of them. The
intranet is freezing up.  Is there anything in regular asp pages that would
cause the intranet to freeze up for all the pages?  All the databases are
Access - would too many people requesting stuff from an Access database at
one time make it freeze?  Like several people trying to pull up the phone
listing at once?
  Any ideas are welcome

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