[thelist] Intranet Freezing

Ken Schaefer Ken at adOpenStatic.com
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> Have you determine the process that is pegged out? 

It may not be a "high-CPU" hang (i.e. maxed out CPU). It could be a "low-CPU"
hang (e.g. threads are blocked due to lock contention or similar).

> Likely something is using close to 100% of
> the cpu cycles, if it is w3wp.exe it's a web page(s). 
> You can then kill the process, restart IIS 

There is no need to restart IIS. Killing the w3wp.exe will cause a new one to
startup when the next request comes in.

Additionally, in the Application Pool configuration (IIS Manager ->
Application Pools -> locate your app pool name -> Properties -> Performance
tab) you can set the maximum CPU that the w3wp.exe process should be allowed
to use, and have it recycled automatically. However I don't belief this is a
good idea long term. Debugging the process is what's required.


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